B course : Blue cave snorkel & marine sports 16 types of play all you can do! (1Day)

B course : Blue cave snorkel & marine sports 16 types of play all you can do! (1Day)
Plan2 + Plan3 + Set discount with lunch = B course

Our most popular No.2 course with lunch & drink.

Because it is a set course of Plan 2 and Plan 3, it is far more advantageous than booking half-day course separately!

  1. A record of NO accident for 10 years since opening.
  2. The tour departs from Ishigaki Island to a remote island waters area. You can enjoy activities in a more transparent area!
  3. Our shop is based on a boat (all activities are carried on boat). Therefore, we can choose points according to the changing sea conditions every day, and we can hold it in good condition everyday!
  4. Up to 16 types of activities you can play! Adults and children can enjoy a wide range from seasonal items to classic systems
  5. WE own 4 marine jets (jet skies)! Because it is a machine arrangement according to the number of people you use, you can enjoy a lot!
Natural gift of Ishigaki island “Blue cave”. Let’s go back to your childhood and play!

Because it is a set course of Plan 2 and Plan 3, it is much better than snorkelling and marine sports are both booked separately!
Because it is all charge comicom, it is a plainly-friendly plan that you can enjoy all day with absolutely satisfying ♪
* Clear flow trekking is not accompanied with set course.

Course content

First to the blue cave!First to the blue cave!
Advancing the foot to the end of the jungle …
From private pristine beach to Ishigaki-jima “blue cave”!
Inside the blue cave is a bigger hole than you imagine from the shape of the outside world, you can see the stalactite and crystal etc. This cave showing various colors and appearances by day swims from the beach into the cave as it is at high tide. At low tide I will walk by looking at tropical fish who swim at feet at beach trekking!

Healing time with snorkel.Blue cave
After exploring the blue cave you can enjoy dynamic snorkeling at the Out Reef.
I swim while looking at the fish and go out to the reef in the valley of the coral reef. Enjoy it leisurely!

Everyone who is worried about seasickness is safe as all beaches are held.

marine sports 16 types of play all you can domarine sports 16 types of play all you can do
The above “blue cave” and “snorkel” are a half-day journey. For the remaining half day we will enjoy our marine sports prepared by our guests on half-day playing! That number is all 16 kinds! Play attention to tiredness (^ ^) b
Not only staple and screaming systems like banana boats and biscuit tubes, but also focusing on what can be played while laughing together with multiple, wake board · SUP board (stand-up paddle board) which is rising in popularity · even comedy activities We have many marine sports that everyone can enjoy from adults to children!
Since it’s all you can do for a ride in time, after having experienced all the items alone, you may try again the one that was the most interesting! I always liked the marine sports to the end! That’s OK, of course!

A list of all-you-can-play marine sports is here!

  • I am not experienced marine sports, but I want to try it!
  • I want to excite excitement in the group!!
  • I’d like my child to play sea as much as they want!!

Optionally you can add a flying board that fly through the sky with jet water pressure

Fly boardIn this course you can also fly an optional flyboard experience!
Offer at 35% or more of the quoted price OFF!
Fly board details here

Price and time of B coursePrice and time of B course

Adult: 16,000 yen
Child: 10,000 yen (up to elementary school student)
Fly board option:5,000 yen(per person)
* Flyboard options are OK even if you are not all involved.

▼Schedule details of B course here

Drinks, boarding fee, guide fee, insurance subscription fee, all equipment necessary for snorkeling and marine sports (just bring swimsuits and sandals and towels)

Because it is a private shop, the lightness of the footwork that can be done makes snorkel points never get caught!
Both fishermen and topographists will guide you through the beautiful undersea world with point settings that meet your demands as much as possible ♪

Reservations / Inquiries
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Photo gallery [B course]

B courseB courseB courseB courseB courseB courseB courseB course

Tour Schedule

8:30 We will pick you up at your accommodationWe will pick you up at your accommodation. (Limited to city area)
A staff member who has a board written “RISE Ishigakijima” is waiting.
Please contact us in advance if you come by car rental.
9:00 Depart for the blue cave! (Land route)
9:30 Arrive in the blue cave parking lot, go to the blue cave by beach trekking.
10:00 Arrive in the blue cave! Inspiration in the cave at the time!
10:30 After a simple lesson, we started an out leaf snorkel.
11:15 Start sounding sun & star sand.
11:30 Move to the place of lunch time
12:00 lunch timelunch time
13:00 All-you-can-have marine sports starts! Please play a lot ♪
15:30 End of marine sports.
Depart for port.
16:00 Tour finished. We will send it to your accommodation.

* The above schedule is a guide. There are some fluctuations in opening time depending on the reservation situation of the day and the sea condition. Please inquire in detail.

Reservations / Inquiries
Let’s share it with your friends going with LINE!

What is a blue cave?What is a blue cave?
A blue cave that shows a mysterious shade with the shadow from the cave and the light that plugs into the tide pool from the outside world. The blue cave of Ishigaki Island displays various fantastic facial expressions depending on the day. The inside of the cave is a big hall and it can touch limestone, stalactite etc eroded over tens of thousands of years. About 30 minutes running a car from downtown · · ·. Trekking in the jungle where you can not enter by car, you will spread a private beach where the original scenery of Ishigaki Island remains. Snorkel One of the attractions of the point here is that it is easy for the first person to fully enjoy the beautiful reef edge snorkel.

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